Are SPASCIANI SCBAs in compliance with MSC 91, FSS code?

The new FSS code has replaced point 2.1.2 of Chapter 3 with two paragraphs describing SCBA for fire protection ( and
At point it is stated that an SCBA “shall be fitted with an audible alarm and a visual or other device which will alert the user before the volume of the air in the cylinder has been reduced to no less than 200 l”.
According to MED notified bodies this definition does not change the current configuration of MED certified SCBAs. The gauge (red below 50 bar) addresses the visual warning request while the regular warning device, placed in the demand valve in ourSCBA sets, addresses the audible one.
Please consider that in the last amendment of the directive 96/98/CE (2013/35/EU MED 9th amendment, annex A.1) the following test standard are mentioned for SCBAs (point 3.7):

  • EN 136 (1998)
  • EN 137 (2006) And where the apparatus is used for accident with cargo:
  • ISO 23269-3 (2011) SPASCIANI MED certified SCBAs are in line with all the above requirements; these standards are mentioned on the back plate labels of our SCBAs. Moreover it is possible to find our approved products on the MarED Product Database.