SPASCIANI offers not only a wide range of specially designed respiratory protection devices, but also a variety of services and support activities for each single need.

Spasciani 1892

In 1892 Riccardo Spasciani understands the importance of designing and creating equipment to prevent accidents at the workplace and establishes in a small laboratory in the heart of old Milan his company, which still bears his name.

Thanks to the rapid and continuous growth throughout the XX century, the company moves first to Baranzate where it remained for 46 years, and then to Origgio in the modern factory, which is nowadays its headquarter with the administrative and commercial offices, the production and the R&S lab.

The history

The “lab”, SPASCIANI source of pride, represents the essence and the identity of the company itself: here all products are developed and then checked according to rigorous procedures and thanks to sophisticated equipment. Here SPASCIANI designed the military masks and goggles of first and second world war as well as those of colonial wars. And also dust masks for the XX century workers and the oxygen breathing apparatus for mine rescue and firefighting. Thanks to its history filled with important achievements, SPASCIANI is nowadays recognized as one of the most dynamic and solid companies of its market with original and unique patents. Leader in Italy, SPASCIANI has a relevant position in the international market which makes it a Made In Italy excellence.

The research

Passion for research and innovation

SPASCIANI design and creation focus in Origgio lab.

All products are tested in the in-house laboratory, which certifies the quality and reliability according to the European rules and regulations, which govern the production and commercialization of PPE.

Each product is the result of a continuous and precise research, which never betrays company history and identity, and always finds new materials and innovative solutions.

The aim is just to create unique products through pioneer technologies in order to safeguard the human life.


Our services

Every day SPASCIANI is involved in researching and planning innovative solutions to grant the best assistance to the clients that have chosen its brand all over the world.

  • Training courses
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance plans
  • Support for choosing the best  suitable product
  • Feasibility study for new products
  • Chemical and physical tests in the laboratory


Every product is certified in accordance to the relevant European standards which regulate the production and commercialization of Breathing Protection Devices.

The Quality policy, the ISO 9001, PPE, MED and PED certifications are available in the Download section of the website.