ARAC 2.5

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ARAC 2.5

ARAC 2.5 is the new generation of SPASCIANI testing benches for the checking and testing of respiratory protection devices.

The test bench confirms all the technical features that made the previous ARAC 1 bench so popular, such as the flexibility of the software and of the tests as well as the rigid and inflatable test head. In addition to this, ARAC 2.5 now includes a series of improvements and automatisms to make tests quicker and more efficient. Finally, both the database and the data access system have been highly improved and enhanced so as to make this testing machine ideal for maintenance operations.

ARAC 2.5 is managed by an on-board computer and it interfaces with the operator through a touch-screen; it is possible to connect external peripherals such as a mouse, keyboards or barcode readers to speed up data input operations.

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