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DUCT is a range of Isolating Fresh Air Respirators with full face mask designed to be used in oxygen deficient environments and narrow spaces such as tanks, silos, wells, sewer systems, etc., all confined spaces with a lack of oxygen and where the poor ventilation can suddenly modify the ambient concentration of toxics.
For the use of this device it shall be possible to get uncontaminated air from outside the working environment.

Agriculture and Food Industry Wood Industry Construction Industry Painting Confined spaces
Two versions

DUCT is available in two versions: DUCT ECO and DUCT A ECO.
The DUCT comes with a 10 m long coiled PVC air supply hose.
It is possible to connect together several hoses to obtain different total lengths.:
· 20 m for the non‐assisted version;
· 60 m for the assisted version if used by only one operator;
· 30 m for the assisted version if used by two operators.

Corrugated hose

The corrugated hoses used for the entire range of SPASCIANI products are made with a new technology which reaches the highest quality level available. The corrugated hose for the DUCT is moulded with a special additive that makes it flame resistant. This technology allows shorter connections and as a consequence to get a more handy and manageable product.

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