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Confined spaces and oxygen deficient environments, tanks and plants inspections: RN breathing apparatus is the right product to face any risk safely.

Construction Industry Asbestos reclamation Painting Pharmaceutical industry Refinery Oil & Gas Marine Med Firefighting Agriculture and Food Industry Mechanical industry

A self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that uses an open‐circuit breathing system, not depending from the environment. The RN MINI are lightweight apparatus – the set weighs 10,5 Kg, complete with mask and 3 l 300 bar fully charged steel cylinder and 7,5 Kg with mask and fully charged 3 l 300 bar composite cylinder – intended for short interventions and equipped with a small and compact back‐plate carrying system to allow operators to easily access confined spaces. SPASCIANI RN MINI self‐contained breathing apparatus are classified as Type 1 (device for industrial use) available just with 3 l cylinders. SPASCIANI RN MINI self‐contained breathing apparatus are optionally provided with the Automatic 4‐way valve, an accessory that allows to feed a second operator who will then be equipped with an individual warning device signal at his mask; with this accessory it is also possible to connect the self‐contained breathing apparatus to an alternative source of air to prolong its autonomy and/ or to ensure a safe escape whenever the main feeding source has suffered an accidental interruption. SPASCIANI RN MINI self‐contained breathing apparatus are certified with all Spasciani fullface masks.


Self contained breathing apparatus provided with 3 liter 300 bar steel cylinder. BVF is ideal for use in fast interventions in chemical plants or for the escape from dangerous areas. The BU system allows to set the apparatus so that the alarm is immediately activated in case of a failure of the main air supply (compressor or cylinder). BVF adds the highest degree of safety and comfort to the efficiency, versatility and simple use of the RN System, as well as the astonishing field of vision of the SPASCIANI TR 2002 A mask.

The 4-way valve

The 4-way valve is a connector that links the RN to a compressed air line. The 4-way valve is an automatic device with two medium pressure inlets provided with male quick connectors and two medium pressure outlet provided with female quick connectors. The device is mounted on an holder with two slits for the connection to the support belt of RN or BVF breathing apparatus or to the supporting belt used for holding the medium pressure hose of the RC or RL systems. Two feeding sources at medium pressure can simultaneously be connected to the inlets, two operators can be fed by connecting their demand valves to the outlets. The feeding sources that can be connected to the inlets are the main feeding from an air line system set at 5-6 bar (LINE inlet) and a breathing apparatus RN or BVF. The 4-way valve is automatic and it switches the feeding from air line to the isolating breathing device if the line is interrupted for any reason (accidentally or done on purpose by the user)

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