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Mobile feeding units are wheeled self contained breathing apparatus whose duration varies from 120 minutes to 10 hours approx. Available with one or two steel cylinders 50 liter 200 or 300 bar or 2 or 4 cylinders 6 liter 300 bar. Ideal for long duration interventions or in narrow places where the encumbrance of cylinder on the back plate impedes the access or movement. It can feed one or two operators through hoses of 10, 20, 30 or 50 meters.

BUSS is a back-up system for air lines which, in case of lack of compressed air from compressor, automatically switches the air source to the cylinder pack and simultaneously alerts the user with an acoustic signal at the mask and at the trolley.

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Pressure reducer RB

The reducer assembly is made of a nickel plated light alloy aluminium body in which there are the devices that deliver a constant pressure of 5.5 Bar irrespective of cylinder pressure until the alarm set point is reached.
As the cylinder/s pressure drops to the alarm set point (55 +/- 5 bars for the reducer mounted on the little trolley and 35 +/- 5 for the others) a special device increases the outlet pressure to 8.0 bar and so actuates the audible warning in the demand valve. The alarm is repeated by the audible alarm fitted to the reducer.
The pressure reducer is directly connected to one or two high pressure hoses for the connection to the cylinder(s). The cylinders attachment on the reducer is provided with non return valves.
The tube(s) are provided with EN 144 standard screw connector for the cylinder (s) connection and with a valve that enables to vent the air off when the replacement on an empty cylinder is needed.
The reducer is mounted on a metal body that also comprises the part described in the paragraphs below and it can be placed on a trolley, fixed to a high pressure line or on a cylinders pack

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