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How often shall the cylinders of self-contained breathing apparatus be tested?

The steel compressed air cylinder must be re-tested after 10 years from the date of construction or from that of the last test.

The compressed air cylinder in composite material  must be re-tested every 3 years.

Is Spasciani a certified company?
What types of PPE does Spasciani produce?
How are Spasciani’s products guaranteed?
What does the SOLAS acronym mean? What is the relationship between IMO, SOLAS and MED?
What does the acronym PED mean?
What does MED stand for?
What does IMO mean?
Which type of SCBA can be used as part of the fire-fighting equipment on board ships, according to MED regulations?
Filtering devices for dusts, fumes, mists
When a gas filters has to be considered exhausted?
Are SPASCIANI SCBAs in compliance with MSC 91, FSS code?
Can a Type 1 SCBA be used as a part of the firefighting equipment onboard of ships as per MED regulations?
When can one replace the speech diaphragm in a full face mask?
How can you feed a second man with Spasciani Breathing Apparatus?
Warning device in breathing apparatus: Where is it located? How can it be checked?
What is the shelf life of filters?
Why Spasciani’s filters have plastic housing?
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