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H 900

SPASCIANI escape hoods series H 900 offer protection for escape from chemical-polluted environment. They have a duration of 15 minutes. They are disposable devices, to be disposed of after use. Escape hoods should only be used for self-rescue operations while escaping. They must not be used either under normal working conditions or used continuously for more than 15 minutes. They come in one universal size.

They are composed of:

  • A bag made of antistatic fa­bric with belt loops, ring for wall application and side rings for shoulder use. The hood is placed inside the bag, sealed in a vacuum bag. Protection seals placed on the packaging closure ensure that the bag has not been opened before.
  • An orange fluo hood, equipped with a wide panoramic anti-fogging visor, with an elastic self-adjusting harness and with an elastic tight collar
  • A halfmask made of silicone, anatomically shaped, designed to fit perfectly into every face shape.
  • An exhale valve protected by a cover
  • A filter which differs according to every single model in order to grant various types of protection


M 900

The escape respirator SPASCIANI M 900 is provided with gas filter ABEK 15 (Gases) or ABEKP 15 (gases and particles).

Chemical Industry Pharmaceutical industry Refinery Oil & Gas Escape
ESCAPE HOOD SERIES H900: the video

In this video we show how our escape hood series H900 are safe and above all very easy to use.

It takes less than 15 seconds to wear the hood properly and have guaranteed protection for at least 15 minutes!

Visit our Youtube channel!

H 900 ABEK 15 and H 900 ABEK P 15

SPASCIANI escape hoods series H 900 ABEK 15 and H 900 ABEKP 15 are designed to be used for escape from industrial plants where accidents cause the sudden formation of toxic substances, such as organic and inorganic gases and vapours, sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid and other gases, ammonia and its derivatives and dusts, fumes and mists.

The devices are suitable for a 15-minute escape and can only be used once.  

They are DPI and ATEX certified.

They do not protect against carbon monoxide!

  • Antigas filter type 901 ABEK 15 protects against organic gases and vapours with boiling point > 65°C, inorganic gases and vapours, acid and basic gases and vapours
  • Combined filter type 901 ABEKP 15 protects against organic gases and vapours with boiling point > 65°C, inorganic gases and vapours, acid and basic gases and vapours, dust, fumes and mists with a protective factor equivalent to a filter class P2
H 900 CO P and H 900 ABEK CO P

SPASCIANI escape hoods series H 900 CO P and H 900 ABEK CO P are designed to be used in case of fire (H 900 CO P) or in case of fire releasing toxic chemical substances (H 900 ABEK CO P). The hood is conceived simply as a disposable escape hood and grants protection only in case the concentration of oxygen in the surrounding environment is normal (17-21%). Maximum duration: 15 minutes.

  • Filter 902 CO P protects against Carbon Monoxide and from gases, vapours and mists that may originate in case of fire
  • Filter 902 ABEK CO P protects against Carbon Monoxide and from gases, vapours and mists that may originate in case of fire and/or in case of accidents causing the release of chemical substances, with a protection type ABEK (organic gases and vapours with boiling point > 65°C, inorganic gases and vapours, acid gases and vapours, ammonia) tested according to the prescriptions of standard DIN 58647-7 as far as concentrations and flows are concerned.

ABEK protection is not CE certified and it has been tested only to provide information about the additional protection.

M 900

This innovative product yields the memory of the silicone to reduce its bulk to a minimum.
The silicone of the facepiece makes the mask very comfortable and eases the leak tightness on the user’s face. All that minimizes donning time.
The ABEK 15 filter gives a low breathing resistance and gives protection from a number of toxic gases for at least 15 minutes. The headband, soft and stable has two anchorage points. The halfmask has a perfect tightness on the face and the honeycomb design of the front of filter grants a low breathing resistance.
SPASCIANI M 900 is a comfortable product and easy to use and don even with gloved hands. Its minimum size does not interfere with the escape pace.

It is DPI and ATEX certified.


M 900 high visibility cases are compact and resistant, a built-in clip allows for portability. Very robust they protect from atmospheric agents and shocks and are provided with a sealing label and a OR gasket that ensures airtightness.
The loop for the belt is 50 mm wide thus making it easy to hang the case to it or to the work garments granting great stability.

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