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Foldable filtering half masks are respiratory protection devices that protect against toxic solid particles or liquid aerosols (water or oil based). The large surface grants a wider protection of the operator’s face and a lower breathing resistance. The half mask is completely welded and its material does not release any fibres. The foldable shape allows an easy storage. The exhalation valve (optional) reduced the breathing resistance and increases at the same time the operator’s comfort, by facilitating the expulsion of hot humid air to the outside. The D marking (clogging test with dolomite powder) guarantees effective protection even in particularly dusty environments, The nose clip allows you to optimally adapt your face to the different mask shapes. Some models are equipped with a layer of activated carbon which protects against nasty odors caused both by organic and acid gases and vapors, including ozone (ideal for welding operations), in concentrations lower than  the threshold limit value (TLV).

Filtering half masks are available in a wide range of models that can meet the most demanding and various needs.

Series ECO includes various models FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, all NR marked, which means to be used for one work-shift only (8 hours maximum).

Series PLUS includes various models FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 – some equipped with a layer of carbon all NR marked, which means  to be used for one work-shift only (8 hours maximum). They are singularly packed.

Series REUSABLE includes various models FFP2 and FFP3, all R marked, each meand that it can be used for more than one work-shift. They are singularly packed.

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FFP series: the video

Our complete range of FFP series presented in a completely new guise: a video that contains in a few moments everything you need to know about our products.

The technical features and its ease of wearing make our Foldable filtering half masks the ideal device in many situations where there is a need for protection.

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Project for the Expansion of the production line of masks FFP2 and FFP3 has been financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Spanish Government, in accordance with the provisions of article 18 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General of Subsidies, within the aid program for the manufacture of medical supplies due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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