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TURBINE is a range of Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) for breathing protection fed by a fan.
They are provided with a rechargeable battery and used with two dust or combined filters.
They replace the traditional filtering devices made of face piece and filter in heavy and prolonged works, because the continuous air flow eliminates the respiratory effort.
According to the used filter, they are suitable for tasks such as asbestos removal, work in dusty environments or in crop spraying

Agriculture and Food Industry Mechanical industry Wood Industry Asbestos reclamation Painting Chemical Industry Pharmaceutical industry
Turbine TM 1708

The Turbine TM 1708 is suitable specifically for asbestos reclamation and removal.

It’s composed by:
• TR 82. Easy to seal underneath the disposable suit thanks to the five arm head- harness.
• PVC BELT. Eases decontamination under shower
• FILTER P3 R 99.99% filtration efficiency. Top performances: 170 l/m.

Corrugated hose

The corrugated hoses, used for the whole range of SPASCIANI products, are made with a new technology which enables to achieve the highest quality standard on the market. Connection pieces are much shorter and make the product more practical and easy to handle.
The hoses are extremely light and this improves the quality of the work itself. At the same time, they are stiff and very flexible and extensible thanks to the plastic material they are made of. They are capable of stretching nearly twice their length making the movements  much more comfortable.

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